How to avoid heat damage

A few good practices from Mazuri

Rule 1
Blowdrying and heat styling tends to leave hair dryer than normal. Always wash with a moisture-based shampoo to get rid of product build-up, while restoring moisture to tresses. Follow with a conditioner to seal moisture into hair.

Rule 2
Before you reach for the hairdryer, remove excess water from hair with a cotton towel or t-shirt. It’s best to blow- dry damp hair, so have a water bottle spray close to hand to re-wet sections when necessary. Never blow- dry extremely wet hair as heat from the dryer can have a boiling effect on water, damaging the hair. It’s always important to use a good heat protector in this process.


Rule 3
To add moisture and shine to hair before flat ironing, apply a serum in sections so the hair is thoroughly protected. Wrap the hair once around the iron and gently pull through the hair, maintaining an even pressure. If you clamp down too hard, the curl will have a deep kink that can only be removed by rewetting the hair.

Rule 4
Twirl the curl around your finger to enhance its shape and clip to your head and allow to cool. This technique makes curls last longer which means less heat will be needed later on. To finish, lightly comb or rake through with fingers. Add a touch of hair serum for gloss and a mist of hairspray for hold.

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