How to Lay Your Lace Front Wig in Six Easy Steps

Mayvenn wig expert Schae Graham created this step-by-step tutorial to show how she applies a lace front wig, sharing her favourite tips and wig picks 

Lace front wigs are a great way to bring versatility into your routine without damaging your hair. You can go from long and wavy to short and straight within minutes. Figuring out the best way to apply one can be overwhelming, but US-based wig specialists Mayvenn have got your back. Their wig expert Schae Graham breaks it down into six easy steps.

How to Lay Your Lace Front Wig in 6 Easy Steps Video

Six Steps to Wig Heaven

1. Check The Unit

First, examine the wig to make sure that all the combs and straps are in the correct place.

2. Prep Your Hair

Creating the right foundation is important! Make sure that your hair is braided down, or in some form of braids or twists. This ensures that your wig will lay as flat as possible.

3. Apply The Wig Cap

Next, choose a wig cap that best matches the color of your scalp and skin tone. Pull it carefully over your head. This will create a smooth foundation and help protect your natural hair underneath.

4 Melting The Lace

After you’ve applied your wig cap, dot adhesive or Got2B Ultra Glued Styling Gel on the perimeter of your forehead. Once it begins to feel tacky, pull your wig forward, with the lace covering your forehead. Use a small comb to press the lace against your skin. This step helps to “melt” the lace and creates a seamless finish.

5. Cutting The Lace

Once the adhesive is fully dry, take a small pair of scissors and begin to cut off the excess lace. For the most natural appearance, try cutting in a zig zagging motion.

6. Final Touches

If you want an even more melted look, use Got2Be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray or ORS Fix It Super Spray and spritz some onto the lace that’s left around your hairline. You’ll be left with a flawless wig that you can style however you wish!

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