Radiant Salon Debut the Vixen Sew-in Step-by-Step

Radiant Hair Salon import the The Vixen Sew-In – the latest weave technique taking off in the States. We find out more…

What do you like about the Vixen sew-in?
This is a new technique that first appeared in the States that allows you to have versatile partings. It takes the flexibility of wearing a weave to new levels.

How is it done?
The hair is parted into four sections. The braid pattern is completely different from a regular weave, as it takes much more precision.

Who is it best suited to?
Someone who has a healthy hairline and at least eight inches of hair to cover the tracks.

Is the Vixen sew-in easier to maintain than a normal weave?
It requires a different method of care. With the Vixen more of the hair will be left out compared to a regular weave. But because of its versatility you may find it doesn’t need straightening as much, and on lazy days it can be tied up.

How long can you leave the weave in?
Like a regular weave you can keep the hair in for four to six weeks depending on the texture and how the hair is maintained. It will be different for each client.

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