Lush expands their afro hair care range

Afro hair specialist Sarah Sango is behind Lush’s new hair care range for black hair types that caters to all textures from curly to coily

Sarah Sangoo, Lush R&D stylist & afro hair specialist

Lush’s cosmetic formulators have developed a range of six new products which cater to afro hair needs. With over 19 years of experience in the industry, afro hair care specialist, Sarah Sango, has worked with the HairLab team to curate a range of products including a co-wash, two conditioners and three styling products.

Sarah Sango joined Lush two and a half years ago and identified an opportunity to expand the range to further encompass afro hair needs. Equipped with recipes from her family and community and knowledge from her high profile career she formulated products with the HairLab team to address the needs of afro-textured hair. The fragrance of each product is tailored to complement each other.

“Family inspired recipes, made with natural ingredients that love on the
curls and coils of afro hair. When I look at these six products sitting together, I
think joyous thoughts, knowing from cleansing to defining my style there is finally
an afro hair care range available for the community in every Lush store. Our
‘fro’s are worn in different shapes and sizes. Hair grows up, out, and down. On
Monday I might install my lace front, on Friday box braids down to the ground?
The styles are endless so you can imagine how many more products can be
created. Afro hair is a journey, and mine with Lush is just getting started.

Sarah Sango, R&D stylist & afro hair specialist

Conditioners and Co-wash

Previously part of the range, Avocado Co-Wash has been reformulated to give curls, coils and anyone who wants a gentle cleanse a SLS-free wash! This co-wash contains fresh avocado, packed with vitamins A, B, C and E, and proteins, lecithin and potassium which help to condition and deeply moisturise the hair.

The intensive, reparative one. This conditioner moisturises and thickens for added bounce. Power is loaded with ingredients to give you fresh-from-the-salon hair such as maple syrup to plump up the volume, swelling the hair cuticle for effortlessly enhanced body.

The deeply moisturising one. Inspired by a homemade recipe, this creamy conditioner will moisturise curls and coils, leaving it anything other than medi-okra. Glory contains okra gel which is rich in magnesium, which thickens and volumises without robbing you of condition; a real super green ingredient.

Styling and LOC method products

What is the LOC method?

LOC is an abbreviation for “Liquid, Oil & Cream”. This method involves applying three products in a particular order onto freshly washed hair. You can follow by twisting or braiding the hair strands together for a protective style, or just leave to air dry. This method helps to lock moisture into curls, leaving hair thoroughly moisturised. Wearing your hair in a protective style after using the LOC Method is a great way to style and define curls without the use of heat

Sarah Sangoo, R&D stylist & afro hair specialist

A multi-functional product that works for everyone; Super Milk Conditioning Milk is a product to serve a thousand needs. Full of almond, coconut and oat milks, this spray delivers hydration and definition without weighing the hair down in this ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioning formula. Spray into curls to boost and refresh them throughout the day or spritz over wet hair of any texture and shape as a leave-in conditioner to help detangle. This primer also protects the hair from heat prior to blow-drying or heat styling. Use as your liquid in the L.O.C Method.

Based on a family recipe for a homemade hair treatment, this souffle is a real treat for the hair and scalp. Sarah’s sister Renee would be given lots of shea butter from a friend after her visits to Ghana, so instead of using it just on the skin, she would make her own hair balm with it. Renee would make the souffle at home with shea butter and essential oils that she would then share with the whole family. Inspired by the family recipe, Sarah decided to share her sister’s product with everybody!

To use Renee’s Shea Souffle, work a little, or a lot depending on your curl structure, between hands and apply through wet or dry hair to style. Use as a leave-in lotion or for twisting out to maintain moisture, shine, and to encourage your natural curls to look their best. You can also massage into your scalp for when you need a drop of extra moisture as castor oil soothes and encourages hair growth. Use as your oil in the L.O.C method.

Curl Power (£10)

Protein-rich hair cream with linseed gel and molasses to moisturise, define and celebrate curls. Scrunch or smooth Curl Power through towel-dried hair after your leave-in conditioner for hold and protective hydration. Use as your cream in the L.O.C Method.

More hair products…

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