Stunning short hair options for black women

Amanda Thompson looks at the variety of styles available to short haired women

Black women face the challenge of looking after their delicate strands every day and probably it’s the main reason many women opt for shorter hairstyles.

However, it doesn’t mean the list of options becomes less: extremely short afro cuts, pixies, buzz cuts, locs, bobs, undercuts, crazy Mohawks, comb-overs… the list goes on and on.

Such short hair options are very easy in maintenance, they look vibrant and authentic, the tips of short hair receive enough nutrition and eventually are healthy.

Here, in the gallery below we’ve got a bunch of the most stunning ways to arrange an incredible bright hair-do on playful afro hair:

Straight short afro cuts for women

Contrary to popular belief, afro hairstyles are not only about fluffy and curly hair arrangements. Straight short cuts are also possible and these modern implementations undoubtedly stand out from the crowd!

You can play with colours to make this stylish and elegant cut more outstanding, or emphasize its neatness and simplicity by keeping the natural hair colour. In any case, the flurry of compliments is guaranteed!

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Shag pixie hairstyles

If sleek and traditional hairstyles are too boring to be loved by you, a careless and disheveled pixie would be an awesome option. This cut style is a pure bombshell and if it’s not enough for your rebel nature, join the perming and colouration game!

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Super short afro cuts for women

Very short natural hairstyles are also extremely popular today. Besides they’re so in vogue in 2019 (and have been for a very long time before), they look cool, are easy to care, and transform the image dramatically.

Don’t believe the stereotypes saying that short haircuts are not feminine enough – just look at these charming and gracious styles and you’ll see how mistaken they are!

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Sleek wavy texture for short afro hair

Experimenting with the curls and waves texture is another way to update your average afro hair look. If some special event is coming soon, give these fantastic hair options a try.

Smooth, elegant, unusual, and luxe – what else are you looking for?

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Playful natural curls for afro hair

And last in our list, but definitely not least – typical curly short-medium natural hairstyles for black women in numerous variations.

Here are the ideas on how to curb those curls in a beautiful way, without spending lots of time in front of the mirror. The only rule is to maintain shape and clear lines of hairstyle by regularly visiting a hairdresser and do the home hair treatment as well. If you do so, your locks will be very grateful, showing it with their shiny and attractive look.

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