Transitioning makeup from winter to summer

Summer is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start transitioning your winter makeup routine to your summer one

Online hair and beauty retailer have set a list of products you need to swap, and products that you need to invest in for the summer months.
They recommend swapping foundation for BB cream, investing in a good highlighter and wearing serum instead of heavy moisturiser. Other tips include using clear mascara, swapping blush for bronzer and wearing products that contain SPF.
Joanne Dodds from said: “It’s important to know that when the seasons change, so should your makeup routine.
“The way you apply your makeup and the products you use should change depending on the season you’re in.
“Altering your makeup routine in summer will not only compliment your holiday glow, but it was also prevent you from sweating off your makeup when the warmer sunshine is out.
“By making small changes like wearing a primer under a sheer foundation and a translucent powder, it should ensure that your makeup stays flawless, even when you’re on night out.”
These are the top tips to use when transitioning your makeup from winter to summer:
1.     Swap foundation for BB cream
In the strong heat, foundation is the worst product to use on your skin, as you will only sweat it off. Instead of wearing it during summer, swap it for a BB cream, or if you want to go even lighter, use a tinted moisturiser.
2.     Wear a translucent powder
If you’re heading out and want a fuller coverage than a BB cream offers, try using a sheer foundation with a translucent powder over the top. This will stop your face from looking too matte, and the translucent powder will set your foundation without adding too much colour.
3.     Highlight
Purchase a highlighter before going on your summer holiday. They work perfectly with a tan and keep your bronzed look glowing from noon till night. Simply sweep a touch of it on the cheekbones, on the tip of your nose, on the cupids bow and just below the eyebrows.
 Use either a liquid highlighter or a powder-based formula (although we recommend a liquid formula for summer, as it’ll last much longer through any sweat or moisture from the face).
4.     Go for a clear mascara
Nothing’s worse than smudging your mascara. It’s also a pain to use on holiday if you’re spending a lot of time by the beach or the pool. So instead, use clear mascara instead of a black or brown one. This will make your eyelashes stand out without the worry of water or sweat smudging them. If you’re heading out and want a more dramatic look, use a waterproof black.
5.     Swap moisturiser for serum
Whilst it’s important to use plenty of moisturiser in winter, thick formulas will only cause makeup caking and creasing under harsh heat. Instead of using moisturiser, try switching to a serum. A serum will hydrate the pores without it being too heavy. Use a serum after toning and cleansing.
6.     Make sure your products contain SPF
Make sure all of your tinted moisturiser/ BB creams/ foundations contain SPF in them (the higher SPF factor the better). If they don’t, always remember to add sun cream before applying the product over the top.
7.     Swap blush for bronzer
Adding blush to make your cheeks a little rosy in winter is great. But in summer, it’s best to swap it for a shimmering bronzer. Add a touch to your cheekbones, across the top of your forehead and lightly on the chin.
8.     Wear a top coat of nail polish
Light nail varnish colours like sheer pastel, pink and beige tones tend to turn yellow after being exposed to the sun for too long. To avoid this happening, always remember to use a clear gel topcoat that has built in UV protection.
9.     Invest in a good primer
During the summer months, we all have those days where we get a little flustered. Sweating off your makeup is especially frustrating, as it means you have to keep re-applying. To solve this, invest in a good primer that contains glycerine, which will help keep your foundation on for much longer. It’ll be an even better primer if it contains SPF.
10.  Swap all powder makeup for gel
If your skin tends to get a little sweaty, using powder-based products is a no go, as they won’t melt into the skin and will sit awkwardly on the face. In summer, its best to go for gel and liquid based products.

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