UK Hair and Beauty Industry Finally Recognised by Government

Government finally recognises the importance of the UK hair and beauty industry by creating a dedicated Personal Care sector

The hair and beauty sector has finally gained recognition
from the UK government | Image by iStock

As a result of the non-stop campaign by the British Beauty Council, UK Spa Association, British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and the National Hair & Beauty Federation, the government has created a new, sector-specific team for the hair and beauty industry – Personal Care – dedicated to supporting the industry.

These four key organisations have worked closely with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to overcome the challenges of the past year and, through their relentless passion, energy and dedication, have highlighted the size and scope of the personal care sector as the major UK force it is. 

In short, the creation of a dedicated sector team is a major milestone for UK hair, beauty and wellness sectors with far-reaching positive implications: raising awareness outside of the industry; allowing government to improve its understanding of this dynamic, economically valuable and highly innovative sector, and paving the way for future financial support.

Quotes from the organisations leading the change: 

When the British Beauty Council formed in 2018 there was no government representation. This government recognition cements one of the key goals of the British Beauty Council – which from its inception set out to have the beauty industry recognised at government level; creating the first working definition of the beauty industry and also commissioning an exhaustive report aimed at valuing the contribution of the beauty industry to the UK economy. Fast-forward two years and we have achieved this major milestone as an industry and look forward to shining the light on the beauty industry to further showcase and improve this amazing sector in which we all work.

Millie Kendall MBE, CEO, British Beauty Council

As General Manager at the UK Spa Association, I was absolutely delighted to hear the news. The creation of a designated sector team for personal care within government is a monumental moment for the industry, clearly demonstrating the newly attained credibility, reputation and valued economic contribution we have worked so hard to highlight. It’s wonderful for the sector to receive the recognition it rightfully deserves and exciting for the future.

Helena Grzesk, COO, British Beauty Council and former General Manager, UK Spa Association

We are delighted to have secured a designated sector team within government for personal care – a huge milestone and the direct result of the dedication, passion and cooperation of the four key industry organisations and BEIS over the challenges of the past year. As one of the largest contributors to the UK economy, our sector deserves to have a strong dedicated voice in government, something BABTAC has campaigned and worked towards for many years, and we look forward to the opportunities and credibility this will provide our industry going forward.

Lesley Blair, CEO & Chair of BABTAC & CIBTAC

We are delighted that BEIS is giving the sector the recognition it deserves. Our work now continues to secure urgent and vital support for hair and beauty as lockdowns and restrictions continue and we look forward to positive discussions with BEIS to secure the best possible deal for the personal care industry.

Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Hair & Beauty Federation

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