Tried & Tested – The Zero Skin Black Peel-off Mask

Black Beauty & Hair’s Jemima Cousins bravely reviews the black clay and caviar peel-off mask in this tried & tested feature

Jemima tests out the Zero Skin Caviar Mask

The black peel-off mask the beauty craze that has littered our social media feed and stopped us scrolling to gaze at whiteheads being pulled out the pores by a black face mask. So of course, I wanted to try it too.

I opted for ZeroSkin Caviar Mask. Why? Because it’s one of the best black face masks out now.

The thick, gloopy liquid that I squeezed out the tube is Kaolin clay and caviar extracts that bind together to extract even stubborn debris nesting deep in the skin’s pores. It can be quite a messy affair, so I stole a trick that I saw online by applying the mask with a make-up brush. 

Tip: Apply with a make-up brush

Like a good student I followed the instructions by leaving the mask to set for 30 minutes and avoiding eyebrow hairs. As it dried my face tightened so I knew it was working. After the the time was up, it was onto the fun part – the peel off!

The big reveal

By gently rubbing the edges the mask lifted. I didn’t see the magic of whiteheads being sucked out – I even held it under a lamp to double check, but that’s not to say it didn’t work.

This mask is serious stuff! The tight, prickly feeling you get as you drag the mask away lets it be known that stuff is being dragged out. In fact, I can see why the instructions said to avoid eyebrow hairs, as I didn’t realise at the time of application I had the odd hair above by top lip which was yanked out – so it doubles up as a wax too!

My advice is to stick to the T-zone and don’t apply the mask to the area under the eye, because the skin is delicate and thinner, and it might be a tad painful dragging the mask away. As a result my nose, forehead and chin felt a lot smoother and my face felt matte but not dehydrated. This is good to use before going-out, especially if you want your skin to look its best, and for date night’s – because it’s fun, even if my hubby’s face didn’t show it!  

ZeroSkin Caviar Mask £24.99. 

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