This beautiful chignon by Charlotte Mensah of Hair Lounge was designed to give her model a red carpet look. We also love it as a stunning bridal hairstyle

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Name: Nana
Age: 24 Occupation: Model/Presenter
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The Problem

I don't want to use too much heat on my hair as I'm growing out my relaxer. I’ve got a big event to attend and would like a more glamourous style for the red carpet.
The Solution
Nana’s hair needs a break from the chemicals. Transitioning from straight to natural hair requires patience and effort. Years ago her only choice would have been to cut off all of the relaxed hair and start with a short natural regrowth. Thankfully this is no longer the case as there are several ways to grow out a relaxer and keep hair healthy and looking great. 'I will style Nana’s hair in the perfect updo for her big event,' says Charlotte.
Step 1_3892
Nana’s hair was washed with Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo, Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask was then applied and left on for 15 minutes
Step 2 -3897
Kera Care Silk n Seal was applied to the hair and blow-dried with a paddle brush.
Step 3_3903
Nana’s hair was gathered up into a high ponytail. Wax was used to slick down edges and smooth any fly-aways. The ponytail was then twisted into a knot and pinned down.
Step 5_3906
Charlotte Mensah’s bespoke hairpiece in dark brown was attached to the knot and rolled into this perfect chignon, then secured with Kirby grips.
Finish Look_4020
The finished look is red carpet ready and makes for a great bridal look too
Finish Look_4026
The stunning finished look from the side

Photographer – Krystoff Krychik
Hair – Charlotte Mensah at Hair Lounge. Follow on twitter@hairlounge1999
Make-up – Sam Lascelle
Styling – Judith Lambert
Dress from – Gathering Goddess