5 unnecessary ways to stress loc strands

Candace Morrow for Black Beauty Magazine

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Styling must-nots that will leave locs fragile — real quick

The New Year means kickin’ old habits, right? Well, that also applies to our everyday hair routines. Loc wearers have more styling options now than ever, but one must remember they too need a break from bobby pins and extravagant buns once in a while.

Like most things: Moderation is mandatory. If you want to maintain healthy, flowing locs, avoid too much of these five hairstyling habits, which can leave strands flimsy and weak:

Too much pulling the hair up into tight ponytails. Yes, these updos are beyond beautiful, but do so sparingly to avoid constant tension on locs. If you don’t limit this look, sometimes scalp bumps form and edges start to thin. 
Maintenance Measure: Loosen up ponytails so your roots aren’t strained, and restrict high buns for special occasions if possible.

Too much tying tresses down with various elastics. Neat hair matters to some, and elastics help keep loc strands in place. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but mini elastics to jumbo thick ones can upset and weaken tresses, especially if you’re gathering hair too hard, too often. 
Maintenance Measure: Secure hair with a favorite throwback — ’90s scrunchies. These babies are forgiving and allow room for hair to breathe. Plus, they come in funky colors and designs at your local beauty supply store.

Too much colouring locs throughout the year. Yes, those electric blue and crimson red hues will create head-turning hair, but it’s not safe to colour regularly — like every week or month. Even though the integrity of natural hair is ideal for this chemical process, it still damages, dulls and requires tresses to undergo a new upkeep regimen.
Maintenance Measure: Research highly-skilled colour specialists who can guide you through the colour change. In addition to creating a talk-of-the-town loc look, you equally want to reduce harm to your head, including irritation, brittleness and unwarranted hair repair costs.

Too much retwisting at the roots. Some dreadlock darlings demand an every-two-weeks touchup; others (like me) need an entire month or so for locs to grow out. Now, that doesn’t mean stop washing hair in between. If you retwist excessively, though, roots may become weak and unable to blossom as fast. 
Maintenance Measure: Have patience. New growth isn’t a bad thing. Personally, I like the build up of nappy happy hair, which temporarily changes your appearance and allows for locs to have a strong foundation before relocking.

Too much accessorizing with knickknacks. Banana clips, hair sticks, headbands, barrettes, jaw clips and bobby pins have a special place in this Southern girl’s heart, but they can tug on and even snap off locs if your application and removal are sloppy. Trust me: It happens. 
Maintenance Measure: Minimize these hair adornments to formal-event hairstyles. YouTube ways to style locs using individual loc strands instead of solely relying on accessories. Also, consult with a seasoned loctician to offer functional, do-it-yourself hairdos.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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    Amazing; You are truly a beautiful sister! Thanks for advice.

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