Boost your home beauty routine with innovative gadgets

Jennifer Dawson highlights the high-tech gadgets that can help up your beauty game

The days of spending hours in front of a mirror, towel-drying our hair and trying to apply our make-up in poor light are, thankfully, long gone. Since the very first electric hair dryer was invented in the 1920’s, our beauty routines have been continuously transformed by the introduction of new technologies. Today, with a suitable beauty routine that makes use of quality products and innovative technology, any woman can now have a full spa experience right in the comfort of her own home.

Use a facial steamer for radiant-looking skin
Bringing out the natural radiance of a melanin-rich skin is not difficult to achieve. Face steaming has been used for ages as a deep-cleansing method that not only opens pores but improves blood circulation to the skin as well. While facial steaming was traditionally done by draping a towel over your head and lowering your face over a bowl of steaming water, technological advances have simplified the process by bringing us a range of modern-day, electronic facial steamers. The Olaxer 4-in-1 Facial Steamer and the Panasonic Facial Steamer are just two of the many top-rated devices making headlines this year, promising to release impurities from the skin while reducing the prevalence of acne and producing a glowing, radiant skin.

Airbrush like a pro
Airbrush makeup is all the rage right now thanks to celebs like Rihanna and Thandie Newton who are frequently spotted on the red carpet sporting flawless, airbrushed makeup. While it is nice to be pampered from time to time, no longer necessary to seek out a makeup artist to achieve a professional look. There are a number of revolutionary implements such as the Temptu Makeup Airbrush Device on the market that will allow you to spray foundation onto your skin in super-light layers, rendering an impeccable result.

Take care of that beautiful, natural hair
Sporting a head of gorgeous, natural hair takes hard work. Technology is impacting our lives in countless ways, including the way we dry and style our hair. New-age offerings such as the Berta Professional Hairdryer boasts negative ion and infrared heat technology that will leave your hair free of static, soft and well-hydrated. The Dyson Supersonic is another dryer that delivers on both speed and temperature control while also being extremely lightweight, making it ideal for frequent use.
As far as styling natural hair is concerned, look no further than the HSI Professional Hair Straightener that boasts ceramic plates infuse with ion technology and tourmaline that both seals the hair and repels the static that causes frizz.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Did you know a mirror can be used for a lot more than simply applying your make-up? While also doubling as a conventional mirror, the HiMirror, aids you in assessing the condition of your skin, analyzing your fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, and dark rings. The HiMirror not only tracks your skincare products and their level of effectiveness but also encourages you to reach your personal goals. In a society where increasingly more emphasis is being placed on natural skin, this innovative device will be a great addition to any bed or bathroom.

In a world where there is often a definitive preconceived idea of true beauty, it is important to embrace your heritage. Be proud of who you are, look after yourself and flaunt the fabulous hair and skin that makes you unashamedly and uniquely you.

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