Do black women really need specific skin products?

Does melanin need that extra TLC or are ‘black friendly’ skin products an unecessary purse pull?

Black women once believed that sunscreen was not necessary and sailed through on the belief that our magic melanin would protect us from whatever harmful rays touched our skin. It is true that our skin does have a higher SPF than fair skin but is it true that our products need to be unique.
Expert advice on Paula’s Choice Skincare website say that skin colour bears no relation to skin type;

None of the research indicates that skin colour has anything to do with the skincare products you need. It’s not that darker skin tones don’t have some physiological differences from lighter skin tones; it’s just that those differences don’t impact what products you should be using.

However dermatologist Dr Murad says;

“Statistics show that women of colour tend to be more prone to sensitive skin. With this sensitivity, one should prepare their skin by using products that contain anti-inflammatories and antioxidants to help soothe skin, rebuild the skin’s barrier function, and better protect it against future damage.”

So there you have it!
Products that are specifically adapted to darker skin should contain ingredients that are suited for sensitive skin.

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  1. by Taylor on 15/12/2017  8:23 PM Reply

    It's interesting that Paula's Choice is quoted here as I had to stop using their products due to hypopigmentation. Hyperpigmentation gets spoken about a lot but it's terrifying to use a "pore cleaning" product and suddenly start developing light patches and spots.

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