Mixed-race celebrities and their hair

The wide-ranging span of the natural hair movement means there are now more mixed-race celebrities who are embracing their curls and sharing stories of their hair journeys than ever before. Here are just a few…


‘My four year old little girl Alaia has been telling me for a while that she doesn’t like her curly hair, at first (as us Mums do) I didn’t think it was a big deal. Once I realised this wasn’t a phase, I asked her why she didn’t like her curls. It broke my heart when she told me it was because she didn’t look like a Princess… So moving forward into the New Year I’ve decided to finally embrace everything that makes me ME. She is already over the moon that we have ‘matching hair’!!’ Instagram post 


‘I just became much more connected to my roots when I went to [the Caribbean]. Something about being there and embracing the culture made me realise for the first time that my hair is a part of my mixed- race heritage. It’s a part of me.’ Interview with Byrdie


‘I was wearing my hair in its natural curl pattern since the beginning, and I’m happy bringing that to television. If there are some little girls, like me, that get to see different versions of themselves on television to give them ideas of different ways they can wear their hair or an expanded version of what it would be like to be a woman and look like them, that makes me happy.’ Interview with New York Times


‘I think there’s a strong mix of American and European with my ancestry, and it has given me a certain hair type that I can have a lot of fun with. I think it also encourages me to experiment that bit more than what I might have done, because I’ve got so much history to respect.’ Interview with Black Beauty & Hair

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