Plant-based Skin & Hair Brand Aveda Goes 100% Vegan

Luxury hair and skin care brand Aveda, which is built on environmental responsibility has gone 100% vegan

Luxury hair and skin care brand Aveda has recently announced a new milestone in the brand’s sustainability journey: all of its hair care, hair colour, body care, makeup and aroma products are now 100% vegan. Which is great news for women wanting to green up their hair and beauty regime.

With the demand for vegan-friendly, natural, less toxic products on the increase, Aveda’s announcement comes at a good time. The brand which has been at the forefront of ‘green beauty’ since it was founded in the Seventies, believes that you don’t have to compromise high-performance for vegan, sustainable ingredients, or decide between creating beautiful products or being more environmentally and socially responsible.

Vegan products are defined as those that are created without any animal or animal-derived ingredients. Aveda has been cruelty-free since the brand was founded in 1978 and was largely vegan except for some products that contained honey, beeswax and beeswax-derived ingredients in a limited number of products. It was no easy task to remove them.

No more beeswax

Removing beeswax from products was no easy feat, says Christine Hall, Aveda’s VP of Research and Development. “Removing beeswax was one of the biggest challenges for Aveda formulators because it helps to create texture, structure, color payoff, and smoothness,” she explained. “One common alternative to beeswax for lip products specifically is synthetic beeswax, a wax that is petroleum derived. But at Aveda, because we are committed to maximizing our use of naturally-derived ingredients, we opted instead to create a unique blend of plant-based butters and waxes that are strong enough for application, but also feel good on your lips.”

The brand has also named supermodel and climate activist Arizona Muse, supermodel and climate activist as their first-ever Global Advocate for Sustainability.

Green beauty…

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