Rural to royalty: Quick hat tricks to crown locs

Candace Morrow for Black Beauty Magazine

Photo by Suhyoon Cho/@suhyoonchophoto. Makeup by Tynnetta Thompson/@stylistty.

Candace Morrow shares regal headwear to highlight loc styles

My birdcage veil calot with chin strap is right royally ravishing darlin’. Isn’t it?

Growing up in the United States’ Southern region — historically known as The Bible Belt — women like my great-grandmas and grandmas loved donning embellished church hats on Sundays, which became a friendly fashion competition at times, too.

Of course, these handcrafted and statement toppers also extend to London’s royal weddings, horse races and courtly events. For my 21st-century loc ladies near and far, take my word: Queenly headwear complements dreadlocks effortlessly. So, try these quick hat tricks to create timeless loc styles for years to come:

Wearing hats with short locs: Allow pixie to ear-length locs to peek-a-boo from feathered casque, flowered cocktail and bold bowler hats to still accentuate your budding tresses. These hat selections are a perfect fit — especially if cocked back a bit — because they don’t swallow up your locs, leaving room for them to add character to the headpiece.

Wearing hats with long locs: Crown collar to tail bone locs with pretty much any hat style of interest. You have a lot of length to play with to create messy pigtails or side ponytails under these versatile hats. Western fedoras, wide-brim hats and printed turbans are simply long-locs lovely for formal and casual occasions, too.

Wearing hats with bunned locs: Top low-bunned locs with small or flat brim hats so you don’t take away from the hairstyle. Classy cloche, pork pie and stovepipe hats complement low flat-twisted, fussy angular and side bouffant buns brilliantly since you’re able to highlight the hat and bun style simultaneously.

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Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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