From Rural to Royalty: Quick Hat Tricks to Crown Your Locs

Candace Morrow for Black Beauty Magazine

Photo by Suhyoon Cho/@suhyoonchophoto. Makeup by Tynnetta Thompson/@stylistty

Black Beauty & Hair US loc correspondent Candace Morrow shares regal headwear to highlight loc styles – no matter the length

My birdcage veil calot with chin strap is right royally ravishing darlin’. Isn’t it?

Growing up in the United States’ Southern region — historically known as The Bible Belt — women like my great-grandmas and grandmas loved donning embellished church hats on Sundays, which became a friendly fashion competition at times, too.

Of course, these handcrafted and statement toppers also extend to London’s royal weddings, horse races and courtly events. For my 21st-century loc ladies near and far, take my word: Queenly headwear complements dreadlocks effortlessly. So, try these quick hat tricks to create timeless loc styles for years to come:

Wearing hats with short locs: Allow pixie to ear-length locs to peek-a-boo from feathered casque, flowered cocktail and bold bowler hats to still accentuate your budding tresses. These hat selections are a perfect fit — especially if cocked back a bit — because they don’t swallow up your locs, leaving room for them to add character to the headpiece.

Wearing hats with long locs: Crown collar to tail bone locs with pretty much any hat style of interest. You have a lot of length to play with to create messy pigtails or side ponytails under these versatile hats. Western fedoras, wide-brim hats and printed turbans are simply long-locs lovely for formal and casual occasions, too.

Wearing hats with bunned locs: Top low-bunned locs with small or flat brim hats so you don’t take away from the hairstyle. Classy cloche, pork pie and stovepipe hats complement low flat-twisted, fussy angular and side bouffant buns brilliantly since you’re able to highlight the hat and bun style simultaneously.

Candace Morrow, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

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