The hottest celebrity hair trend: centre-part bob

Shantell Huggins from checks out autumn’s hottest hair trend

I don’t know about you but Autumn isn’t the best time for my hair, maintenance or hairstyle wise. I’m usually in a fashion rut and stick to wearing beanies and wide brim hats for months. However, this Autumn I’m going to try something sleek, sexy but cute, trendy, stylish and easy to maintain.  Luckily, this newest hair trend helps us cover all the bases and look glam around the clock.

You’ve seen this cute new trend on everyone from Kelly Rowland, Cardi B to Tia Mowry. But this trend has recently come back on the scene because of Instagram. One of the founding fathers of the style is Cliffvmir; known for creating this seamless look using a quick weave technique.

Choosing a new wig or weave can be overwhelming, especially if you’re looking for reliable weave and wig reviews. It’s hard to find a style that has the perfect balance of versatility- the ability to be professional during the day and take it from day, to a glam night out with girlfriends, but have no fear we’ll try this trend together! Here are 3 Easy Tips to get the Hottest Celebrity Trend: The Middle Part Bob.

How To Get the Look:

  • You’ll need a skilled hairstylist, who knows several techniques to accomplish this look on varied hair textures and head shapes. You might not have thought of this but not every head shape is made equally. To accomplish this style due to your head shape, you might need a closure or frontal instead of the usual leave-out.
  • High Quality Bundle Hair: This is the most important factor to achieve this style. Even though it’s a bob, high quality hair is a must to accomplish a clean, blunt cut and easy beautiful movement.
  • Here are a few things you’ll need if you want a DIY Middle Part Bob.

Here are two DIY tutorials you can try at home:

  1. Quick Weave Blunt Bob
  2. Middle Part Quick Weave

Ladies, I can’t wait to try this style. I’m going to bring a few of these pictures to my hairstylist, wish me luck!


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