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Seeking lustrous length? We put a range of supplements that promise optimum hair growth to the test

Viviscal Healthy Hair Growth (£51.99/60 tablets)

They say: The ground-breaking marine protein complex was developed by a professor who noticed that the Inuits’ great hair and skin was a result of their fish and protein rich diet. The lab tests showed that after three months hair shedding was reduced by 18.3 per cent and six months the hair’s thickness increased by 7.4 per cent

We say: Compared to most supplements these tablets are a lot easier to swallow. The high dosage of biotin did cause a breakout after six weeks and it’s one of the pricier options available, however it’s worth sticking out the 60 days to see a vast improvement in thickness (not so much length).
Star rating 4/5

Grothentic MultiVitamin Supplement (£23.75/60 tablets)

They say: DHT is a hormone that contributes to hair loss and to encourage growth, Grothentic’s unique B complex supplements contain additional DHT blockers. Overall the hair becomes less dry and shedding, as well as thinning, noticeably decline.

We say: It takes a while for these tablets to kick-start in your system, but once they do, you’re on a nourishing path healthy growth. To drive results we recommend using the entire Grothentic range that includes a scalp treatment and anti-thinning relaxer system.
Star rating 3/5

Imedeen Hair & Nails (£26/60 tablets)

They say: This is an advanced silica and biotin based supplement that contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair and nails. The capsules are suitable for vegetarians and are starch, gluten, gelatine and preservative free.

We say: The Imedeen website states that full benefits will be noticed within four to six months in which case you have to purchase two boxes if you plan to commit. It only takes two weeks before nails appear stronger and healthier looking. Even though it contains biotin, this didn’t cause any acne breakouts.
Star rating 3 ½ /5

Hairfinity (£24/60 tablets)

They say: On the mission to care for hair inside out, a single tablet has over five vitamins and a host of amino acids solely dedicated to promoting faster growing, longer, thicker, more vibrant hair.

We say: These tablets are true to their word, so much so, the hairs on your legs appear darker, shinier and thicker. Extra brownie points are won by the interactive website that allows you to submit a hair consultation questionnaire and detailed advice to managing possible breakouts.
Star rating 5/5

Perfectil Hair, Skin, Nails (£6.29/30 tablets)

They say: Perfectil is the UK’s No.1 hair, skin, nails supplement. It works at the deepest levels by delivering nourishment via the bloodstream to feed hair follicles as well as the dermal layers in the skin and nail beds.

We say: A well-known brand that has stood the test of time, Perfectil is an easy going, result driven formula with no adverse side effects. After 30 days hair does appear shiner and lustrous. The tablets are on the large but the price tag makes it very appealing.
Star rating 4/5

Philip Kingsley PK4Hair Soya Protein Capsules (£30/120 capsules)

They say: Soya protein is a source of essential amino acids – the building blocks to beautiful hair. PK4 also enhances the production of keratin – a substance the hair needs for optimum growth. For the best results take for a minimum of three months

We say: This is ideal for tackling hair loss, breakage and restoring weak, damaged hair back to its normal density. Two capsules need to be taken daily. The ingredients list has a lot of scientific jargon which can be a little off-putting to those who are seeking natural remedies
Star rating 3/5


  1. by Lo on 04/11/2020  8:34 AM Reply

    Where are the before and after pics? There is no way these products was taken the reviews are too short. Come on BBH you should be doing better than this very poorly written article and so-called reviews.

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