Looking after baby’s hair

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Looking after your baby’s hair the natural way 

By Jennifer Dawson

Anyone who has seen Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair will understand the importance of looking after African-American hair – especially your new baby’s. Scientific studies have shown that African hair has a thinner cuticle layer, meaning that it’s more prone to breakage. This is why it needs special care to help it grow strong and healthy, especially as it starts to change texture in the first few years of life. Natural hair care without chemicals is the best option, which will help to ensure that your little one has beautiful hair when they get older.

Washing your baby’s hair
Even if you bath your baby often, only wash their hair once a week. Your baby’s hair is rich in natural oils that help to protect it. If you wash their hair too often, you will strip away these oils, meaning that their hair will be more prone to breakage. Try and avoid soapy products as they can cause the hair to dry out. After you wash your baby’s hair, make sure that you moisturise it using natural products. Coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil are the best options. Massage it into the hair and scalp and it will work wonders.

Nutrition and hair growth
New babies get all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that they need from milk. However when you start weaning your baby, it is important that they get the vitamins and minerals that they need – not only to keep healthy, but also to promote good hair growth. Scientific studies have proven that without having a good diet, hair doesn’t grow as well as it could do, and there may even be hair loss. You don’t need to give your baby supplements, however make sure that you include plenty of fruits and vegetables when you are making your baby’s meals. They need a good, balanced diet to thrive and get long, luscious locks.

Hair decorations
You might be tempted to put hair clips and bows in your baby’s hair. But when they are very young, doing so can cause significant hair damage. Give their hair a chance to grow stronger and longer before using heavy hair clips. If you are tying their hair back, don’t use rubber bands, as they cause friction on the hair. Instead use a covered elastic band, or a smooth band.

Your new baby’s hair needs special care when they are young. Looking after it naturally, means that they will grow to have beautiful and strong hair as they grow older.

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  1. by mumkid on 04/09/2020  9:54 AM Reply

    Great post! For my baby, I use Cantu Care for kids shampoo and later apply coconut oil. Her hair is healthy and cute. Eating fruits also contribute to great hair.

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