Hype Coiffure’s top quarantine haircare tips

Maintaining your weave

Maintaining your weave when it needs to come out during quarantine is no joke. When it starts to look ratty, grown out or is lifting off, I’d only recommend removing it with the help of someone who can see the thread clearly enough just to cut it.

Avoid putting oil onto your scalp as it will clog up and become sticky on your scalp as well as around the base of the weave.


If you do manage the weave removal, it’s absolutely imperative that you detangle your hair with conditioner and a Tangle Teezer brush before you wash and condition your hair, as this will stop it totally matting together.

To keep your weave fresher for longer, I’d avoid putting oil onto your scalp as it will clog up and become sticky on your scalp as well as around the base of the weave. Also refrain from adding heavy products to your weave, as this will make it clammy.

When washing your weave, be careful not to rub it to vigorously, as it will completely interlock. I’d suggest sectioning the weave into four, plait each section, then secure with a small band before cleansing your scalp. After that, undo the plaits and gently wash the rest of the hair and condition it. To avoid it becoming mouldy and smelly, always rinse well and dry thoroughly.

Looking after natural hair

If you’re embracing your natural curls, be sure to cleanse and condition regularly. I’d recommend between every seven to 14 days. If it’s left any longer, your hair will feel dehydrated and won’t be able to absorb any fresh products you apply, because it will already be saturated with old product. What’s more, your scalp will have build up from sweat, its own natural oils and product residue.

To get your natural hair looking and feeling healthy again, I’d recommend using a cleansing shampoo followed by a moisturising shampoo and a moisturising deep conditioning treatment. Next, apply a leave-in conditioner and serum to wet hair to lock the moisture in straight after the cleansing process. Then try plaiting, twisting, rollers or benders and leave it to dry naturally.

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